I Do, Do You?

Fill the garbage until absolutely nothing else could possibly fit.
Eat cake for breakfast.
Think Birthdays are a very big deal...especially mine;-P
Let my kids watch spongebob if I REALLY need some peace.
Watch mindless reality t.v. shows like The Real Housewives.
Quickly clean the house before right before my husband gets home.
Wear sweats or comfy clothes until my other half arrives. Then I get all spiffy.
Only get the mail if I’m going out, we have a large driveway, I’m not walking.
Always forget SOMETHING at the grocery store.
Often forget what day it is, let alone the date.
Have loads of clean laundry piled in the laundry room or in baskets upstairs.
Give my kids breakfast for dinner.
Look forward to my glass of anything with alcohol when the kids are finally asleep. It’s not the same if you drink when they are up, the relaxation factor isn’t quite there.
Watch the food network while I’m working out.
Forget to call people back.
Spend way to much time on the computer.
Look everywhere for something that is usually right in front of me or in my pocket.
Go upstairs with something and come back down without it.
Have a bite if not a handful of whatever my children are eating, especially if its gummie bears.
Hate text talk OMG, and usually can't decipher its meaning. I only use LOL.
Stand in front of the fridge, door open, trying to remember what I was looking for.
Love reese's peanut putter cups or any combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

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