Thursday, December 8, 2011

Buy a Baby?!

Just a little story I thought I’d share before I
A.- Forget it and
B.- so I can post SOMETHING on my lost and lonely blog!

I’m so tired by the end of the soccer, dance, preschool, adventure play, Christmas show rehearsal, house cleaning, food cooking, coupon clipping, grocery shopping, all around crazy filled day, all I want to do is nothing! To even think of a clever thought has certainly been out of my grasp lately. If anyone reads this, thank you. I still think of you often, I just lack anything worthy of sharing. Storytelling seems to be reserved for my 3 and 4 year old while I zone out on what  I’m actually reading to them and think of what has to be done when they are finally asleep! Love how that brain seems to just work on autopilot sometimes! So without any further ado, my story...

 The other day, my 4 year old daughter comes over to me and asks, “mom, when am I gonna be big? I really want to be a grown up, so when, mom?”

So I’m wondering why on earth any child would want to be a grown up. Well, I guess, since they don’t know any better. I remember wanting the same thing when I was her age. Ugh...If only I knew.

So I ask her, “Why do you want to be a grown up?”

To which she replies, “So I can buy my own baby. Not a pretend one mom, a real baby that I can take care of. So can we buy one pleeeeeease?”

Hahahahahaha, I wish it was that easy. 2 kids, 15 months apart, one girl 4 and one boy 3....I’m good....we wont be “buying” anymore babies!

So I proceed to tell her that mommy has to grow a baby in her belly and it takes a long, long time. Then I said that if I had another baby, I wouldn’t have a lot of time for her or her brother.

 “So when you ask for things like a drink or a treat mommy might be to busy to help you, because babies are a lot of work.” Obviously I am trying to squash the “baby” thing asap. She’s got all the answers though.

“Well mom, I can make my own peanut butter and jelly AND I can reach the salami so its no big deal, I can do things myself.”

Ha, well that's that then...we’ve got pb and j and salami so all is good....lets bring on the baby.... Don’t think so.

Then I say, “ well at night when you are trying to sleep, the baby might wake you up, they are very loud.”

“Thats ok mom, if the baby wakes me up I’ll just tell you and daddy and go back to sleep.”

Yeah, that's great..and exactly why Mommy's not “buying” anymore babies.
Super cute though how kids rationalize things.

I changed the subject and that was that. Love the attention span of a 4 year old. Yes it does come in handy sometimes. I have a cute story about my son too, but I’ll save that for another day.

I hope you are all well!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coupons? Me? Who Knew!

So I have been couponing....kind of. I always use coupons and I might start trying to take it to the next level. Not quite extreme couponing, but I just found a deal for that magazine “all you” that always has a ton of coupons. It ends up costing only $19.00 for a 2 year subscription. That’s what I like to see! Here is the link in case any of you are interested. You buy a voucher for $15 that is worth $30. Then they send you an activation e-mail the next day. So you can order your magazine filled with delicious coupons. Not sure why I refer to everything as a food item.

I have been trying to find ways to get more coupons, like going to gas stations and asking for their leftover papers. Its kind of embarrassing though. I haven’t resorted to going through the trash....not going to happen. I think I will just have as many papers as I can delivered to our house and then maybe buy a few more papers Sunday morning.

Ha, who knew I would be all organized and stuff! So not me! Its a work in progress. I also just bought one of those BBB books... Busy Body Books. I have yet to fill it out. Its to big to fit in my purse so that's annoying. I like it though. Maybe I just need a bigger purse!  If you want a BBB I suggest buying it from amazon. If you need anything else from the site you can do the super saver shipping. I always order on amazon so it worked for me. I got my BBB for $11 something.

Woah, gotta know, its 10:30 and if I don't shower now, its NOT gonna happen. Hope all is well...I wish you all lots of love and happiness!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A review to WINE about

Yes all, I have been MIA for quite sometime. I like to say I have been a blog slacker. With all of the new school and activity changes I am just trying to catch up, keep the house in order and remember to feed my least 2 meals a day! I have started to fall into the flow of it all so I thought I would take a minute to say HELLO and I miss you! I love my blogger friends and I’m sorry for not keeping up with it.

I hear kids coming so I don’t know how much time I’ll have. Ooooh, I did want to mention my trip with my husband to the Finger Lakes in NY. It was actually the first place we ever went together, so it has some meaning for us. Oh, and it’s packed with wineries. We have gone there about 6 times....we try to stock up our wine every six months if we can get away for the we know the places we like and the ones we really don’t like. We always stay at the Belhurst Castle, in the Vinifera Inn...its the new section. We don't like Inn feel, but if you do than the castle might be a good choice for you. Its all connected, just depends on your style.

This past trip, we finally, finally, got a limo. It was our anniversary and my husbands birthday. We always talk about getting one but it is really expensive. I found a place, affordable limousine, which is just that. It was half the price of all the other companies. The woman, Amy, that I dealt with was super nice. The downside, I guess, was that the limo was older. Not like run down old, just not brand new. We couldn’t believe we had the whole thing to ourselves! It made no difference to us, it was perfect. A huge limo, privacy, no worries about DWI’s and we could drink in the limo. Not that we needed to. After 2 wineries we both had a nice buzz going.

A little disappointing though, one of our favorite places turned out to be SO RUDE! The Prejean Winery is usually where we buy most of our Gewurztraminer . We were in the middle of a tasting and one of the workers asked the crowd who had the limo. We said it was ours and she asked where it was from. I told her and asked if there was a problem as I watched her scribble down the name on a tiny piece of paper. She then told us that our limo driver was rude and she didn’t like how she spoke to her. I asked what happened and was told that our driver had come in to use the bathroom and to get us a box for our wine. The rude part, apparently, was that the Prejean worker said they didn’t have a lot of boxes and wondered what she needed it for. Our driver replied with “its for my clients, did you think I was just a stranger off the street?” I guess what our driver said was rude. Then the worker, as she is telling the crowd of people the story about our  limo driver, said our driver looked strange and with the kind of people that come in to their winery, you just never know.

Really, because I thought the worker was extremely rude! She straight up made fun of our driver and the way she looked, oh yes, our driver was a female by the way, and then talked about it in front of a huge crowd of people. I’m sorry but there is a way to handle things and we spend ALOT of money in that place. NO MORE. I didn’t even think what she said was rude anyway. My husband told the woman that she should have taken us aside and asked us about the situation privately and that it wasn’t our driver who appeared to be rude. She just brushed us off and said yeah well, whatever. Totally ruining our tasting experience. We left and bought nothing. We are all about the people. If you have rude inconsiderate people working for you, what is that going to say about your business. We will never return to that winery.

On a lighter note,Lakewood Vineyards is by far our very favorite winery, and it was the first winery my husband and I ever went to. The people are amazing and fun and their wine never disappoints. They make you feel like family from the moment you walk in until the moment you walk out. Their port, if you like port, is just perfect. Its not to strong, but still has some kick. Its not our very favorite, but its close. We usually buy at least 4 bottles. The price is reasonable and its perfect to sip on a brisk fall night or in the middle of the winter in front of the fire. We make sure we have enough to last until the spring. Our favorite port is a little pricey so if we are going with price and flavor, Lakewood would have to be the best.

Wow, sorry for the long winded blog/review but I’ll throw out some of our other favorites in another post. Hey, who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine! You can have it shipped too!

Bottoms up!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ranting about facebook for no good reason

Oh my sweet blog readers....if there are any of you still out has been a bit crazy over the past couple weeks. As soon as I started to write again, we got hit with hurricane Irene leaving us without power for 6 days. Yes, six days. I’m sure there were a lot of people that were left without homes, so I have to say it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but did leave me computer-less. It also seems that I am the one person left in the United States that does not have e-mail on their phone.

Damn you technology, I am always the last to get it. I don’t care, I get things when I feel I need them, not just cause it’s the thing to do. I have to tell ya though, lately, I NEED it! With all of these activities for the kids and cancellations, birthday parties, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, you see where I’m going with this, I seriously NEED to be plugged in.

I’m not into facebook and twitter, I do have a facebook account that I check and update randomly so I can let my few friends see how AWESOME my life is. I mean my life on facebook can be whatever I want it to be...cant it. So.... yes life is perfect and my family is perfect and I only post perfect pictures....your welcome.

Ah, but I know the truth. I get why people are addicted to facebook. You can appear to be whoever you want to be and have no one in your face to argue with you or call you out on your shit. You can just sit back and live your internet existence and never go out into the REAL world and experience anything. I’m sorry, but I would rather live with my imperfections and actually LIVE than be addicted to facebook.

 Seriously, they had a show about people addicted to facebook. WTF! They have a whole new disorder called F.A.D this a joke? I’m really not sure. Ok, if it’s on CNN it has to be real!
They have a facebook addiction disorder page ON FACEBOOK! Holy crap batman! I seriously don’t even know what to say. Well if you need help with your STUPID addiction.....Stop READING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES LIVES AND GO LIVE YOUR OWN....or....go to this site....I cant believe they even have one...


I know that its good for buisness and reconnecting with friends, but I just don’t know about the technical world today. I mean, people have relationships through text and e-mail. What is it, sexting? Wow, that would just not do it for me. What happened to human connection? I seriously hope that my children don’t get sucked into the “matrix” if you will. I guess they will have to at some level. I just want them to always connect on a face to face level with people, not with a machine.

Wow, I just did a little ranting and raving didn’t I. I apologize. Apparently I have some pent up issues that I’ll have to figure out when I have some free time. Until then, I hope to pleasure you with my’s not sexting! More like....bloggerplay. Yeah, don’t mind me...I would erase the last 2 sentences but I’m to tired and someone's gonna like it. Oh hey, guess where I'm going to post my blog....

Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Ok, it has been awhile. Lucky for me, I have been busy! I went back to my hometown recently, not my favorite place in the world, but I got to visit my brother and sisters and that was AWESOME! They are a lot younger than me, but are now teenagers, so it’s kinda crazy. They aren’t babies anymore! Anyway, I got to sing with my brothers band, who are amazing by the way! I don’t share a lot of info about my personal life on here, names, places things like that, but I’m sharing this!

Please check them out. I’m going to be singing on one of their songs when their next cd comes out and it was amazing! I had so much fun recording with them. They are all crazy talented and I’m sure you will hear about them soon!

Besides all that excitement, my little man is potty training. Its hilarious because he will only go on the “big” potty and although he doesn’t have to wipe when he pees, he unravels the toilet paper and throws some in anyway. It’s super cute! He does a little pee pee on the potty song and dance...I made it up to get him excited and it just kind of stuck with him. Almost all the way, still working on number real way to say that nicely.

I can’t believe school is going to start soon. I’m a room mother for my daughters class and I have a meeting to goto tomorrow evening. Crazy how the summer goes by so fast! Next year, my daughter will be starting kindergarten! It’s so surreal. People always told me that it would go by before you know it and it sure does! My babies aren’t babies anymore! Oh well. They will always be MY babies.

Before I get all choked up, I’m gonna get going. So much to clean. My husband kept the house so nice while I was gone! I walked in and everything was spotless...until I brought in all of our crap and ruined it. So, I’m off...hopefully I will not neglect my blog any further. Their are bound to be some random acts of crazy in the near until then, enjoy whats left of the summer!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Did that old man just brake check me?! Yep!

Ok, so I’m trying to be in my “happy place” and well, today had a few irritating moments. I thought I would share them. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I drop my daughter off at dance camp and then I go to the gym, rush home to shower and bring my son to swim lessons. Swim ends at 12 and I pick my daughter up between 12:15 and 12:30. I am notoriously early, so when I show up on time, my daughter thinks I’m late. Love that.

 So today....

I dropped off my daughter and was off to the gym. I jumped on a tread mill, ran 1 mile them switched to the swinging machine I love so much. I ended at 10:30 so I would have time to shower. When we got to the car I remembered that my son needed swim diapers. store was that close, so I ran to CVS where I got raped on diapers! $10.99 for 11 swim diapers! Damn you CVS and your price gouging. I had no time to quibble over the issue so I put on my big girl panties and sucked it up!

Almost home and I get stuck behind a shiny topaz Ford contour, clearly being operated by an old man. Speed limit is 35 grandpa, lets get on that gas and see if that baby can get over 20MPH. Yes, I was on his ass, but he was going so slow, how could I not be unless I stopped in the middle of the road! So what does this old geezer do, he brake checks me. Doesn’t affect me since we are already going at a snails pace. But really, did I just get brake checked by grandpa? Yep...Then he speeds up and comes to a halt in the middle of the road. I stop and wait to make sure its not a heart attack he is having and then he continues. Still not reaching over 20MPH he stops again. Now I’m annoyed and in a hurry! I lay on my horn and finally pass him.

So now, he speeds up on my ass. Come on old timer...I have my son in the car and my SUV could swallow your tiny sedan in a second. Lets stick to games more appropriate for your age group...which I can assure you, certainly do NOT involve cars. I wanted so badly to slam on my breaks so this guy would smash into the ass end of my car and I could cash in. No, I am better than that. He finally turned and I got home just in time to change and get the hell out of the house. No shower.

Boy, just annoying. So far the rest of the day is going much better. I wasn’t exposed by my son in swim class, so that’s a plus. I have to get my coupons together and make a shopping list. Lets see how this shopping trip goes and how many people we can meet in one day. My kids are so friendly, which makes everyone we encounter super nice. I like it.

If our trip goes awry, you’ll be the first to know!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Punch your mouth in it's face!

Recently, I was at a gas station, paying way to much for gas and I saw an advertisement on the gas pump. I laughed my ass off! It was for ruffles potato chips. Apparently, they have a new flavor that is so spicy, you”ll want to punch your mouth in the face.

How clever. Then I thought to myself, well, I don’t like spicy food, I just can’t handle it, but my mouth could sure use a good punch in it’s face. I mean, where would your mouths face be anyway. My mouth is on my face, clearly, but thinking of my actual mouth having a face and being punched in it left me thinking.

Is it inside my mouth? Since the flavor of a super spicy chip would certainly affect my insides, that could be a good guess. Maybe my mouth’s face is that little hangie ball thing in the back of my throat. If that’s it and I get punched in it, watch out people, cause I’m gonna puke all over you! Really, I just thought it was a clever ad and I wanted to share that and my warped thinking with you. Give you a little laugh!

On that note, my weekend was a little crazy, as crazy weekends go. One of those, birthday, anniversary, birthday weekends. None of them were mine, sadly, but man, they just come in droves during the summer. We drove 1.5 hours...each way... every day this weekend. We should have just stayed in my crap hometown, but honestly, I would rather drive the 3 hours to avoid being in that town for any longer than necessary!

I feel bad bashing where I grew up, but’s so bad! Even the people that still live there agree with me. They can’t wait to get out! Whew, so happy that I did. Far enough away but still close enough to visit when we have to, without staying over.

I have to go back to my amazing summer filled with dance camp drop offs and pick ups and swim lessons in a way to cold pool that yes, I have to go in since my son is just under 3. Come on red’s just 2 months. What’s even better is that my son is in the pinching and hitting phase and I’m waiting for him to grab my bathing suit right off and give those lifeguards a show. He would laugh and I would turn a very bright shade of red. I can’t make that bathing suit any tighter and it almost happened yesterday. I’ll keep you “abreast” of my swim lesson mishaps.

Until next time! Hope your summer is going well!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Shenanigans

I think my husband saw what a lousy week I was having and decided to end it with a BANG! My mom was over, and he randomly texted me, asking me if she would watch the kids so he could take me to Mohegan Sun. If you don’t know, it’s a huge casino filled with amazing restaurants and shops.

I was so excited! My mother said she would stay and off we went to a night filled with amazing food, gambling and drinks! He always knows just what I need and that was it. We had a kick ass dinner at an Italian restaurant with waterfalls flowing down the walls. My husband took to seat facing the people so I could enjoy the view. He is so thoughtful. The food was perfect and the company of my husband was even better.

The downside was that there was a Rhianna concert that night. No big deal...not our thing...but it made for an interesting night of people watching. I actually saw a woman's ass cheeks jiggling out of her shorts. I wanted to tell her but I figured she already knew, which made it even worse.

“Cover that shit up woman! No one needs to see your uncensored ass. You should wear a sign that says look at your own risk! Ass cheeks could be hazardous to your health and well being.”

Besides the plethora of underage girls trying to look like porn stars, we had a great time.  Good job being a teen idol Rhianna! Keep up the good work!

Unfortunately, we had to get back to the kids, no overnights. So, yes I would have loved to stay longer, I just knew I would be getting up around 6am with my 2 little ones. Actually, my husband ended up letting me sleep.... love him!

The weekend and so far this week have been crazy....good crazy! I have just been enjoying my family. They are all so good to me and I feel so lucky to have them!

Hope your all enjoying the summer...I’ll try to blog whenever I’m not out being AWESOME!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Beautiful Day

This was my week of sad. I am happy to say that I have ended it short. Yesterday ended up being a great day. It’s hard when your feeling lost and all alone. I look to other people to fill the void for me, but really, I’m the only one that can do it.

I’m just putting it out there. I’m sure I’m not the only person out there that feels this way. Its a long and narrow road. One that’s difficult to travel on and pretty scary. I know if I just stay on the path, I’ll be fine. Hopefully, it will open up and lead to something amazing.

So, I’ve been able to really appreciate my children lately. I realized that they will not be this little and cute for much longer and I’m lucky enough to be with them every day. My son will break out into song randomly and start dancing to whatever music is available. Its freaking adorable! My daughter is very matter of fact about everything and usually ends up laughing at random nothings.

“Knock knock,”

“Whos there?”

“Ice cream, hahahahahahahahahahaha”

Its just funny because it makes no sense and its completely out of nowhere.

So, for now, I’m in a happy place. It’s good to be sad every once in awhile. It was nice to just feel it for once instead of pushing it away. It didn’t create any of those stomach knotting feelings. You know, when you can’t eat and you always feel like your going to throw up. Yeah, none of that, so I must be making progress.

I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful family. Without them, this journey would be a lot tougher. So, thank you.

I wish you all a beautiful day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just this-Take it all

At a loss.....So here is my song for the day.

Didn't I give it all?
Tried my best
Gave you everything I had
Everything and no less
Didn't I do it right
Did I let you down
Maybe you got too used to
 having me around
Still how can you walk away
From all my tears.
It's gonna be an empty road
Without me right here
But go on and take it
Take it all with you
Don't look back
At this crumbling fool
Just take it all
With my love
Take it all
With my love
Maybe I should leave
To help you see
Nothing is better than this
And this is everything we need
So is it over?
Is this really it?
 you've given up so easily?
I thought you loved me more than this
I would change if I must
Slow it down and bring it home
I will adjust.
Oh if only, if only you knew
Everything I do
Is for you

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I seriously got my ass kicked yesterday! After a day of despair for no particular reason, immersed in sadness, I was faced with even more hurt that night. Whew, glad that day is over. I learned a lot though. I had some pretty shitty feelings to deal with but I owned them! I leaned into them and my head was clear to deal with my evening slap in the face.

I had some very serious feelings and I lead with my heart. I didn’t get to lost in emotion and I knew exactly how I felt. And for once, I wasn’t afraid. My feelings, no matter what they are, are valid and ok.

I didn’t know that before. I usually just lead with my tears and say whatever I think will make the situation better. I still had tears but I let them come when I was ready. I felt so deeply yesterday, even though it was mostly hurt, today I feel much better. Knowing that I owned my emotion and didn’t feel bad about myself was a step in the right direction. I was very proud of myself yesterday, for the first time in a long time.

I always say, “it is what it is” and it really is that simple. I have a new song for the day. Its not my normal style. When it comes to music, I like it all! I hope you enjoy it!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Music for today

This is a song I found today...just wanted to pass it along.

Lost and Lonely

Just feeling really down and lonely today. I’m not sure what happens but it seems like on dreary days like today, I just lack any motivation to do anything. My head is pounding and my face is hot. I did a lot this morning, brought my daughter to camp. Fought with my 2 year old as I begged him to sit in our jogging stroller so I could enjoy an outside workout. Nothing is enjoyable with a screaming toddler in tow. So, then we tried the gym. He refused to let me put him down but after walking with him and getting him to settle down, I was able to do 35mins of cardio and some chest and biceps. Maybe thats why I’m so lethargic, I just don’t know.

Did you ever just feel alone? Lonely, I guess is what it is. Surrounded by two beautiful children and 2 great dogs, why do I feel this way. It seems like when I am on a role and super motivated to find myself and write a book about all of my experiences I get a smack in the face. In one of my favorite books by Louise Hay she says that usually in the middle of trying to find happiness and love you’ll get pushed down over and over. Well, I feel it.

How do I get out of this funk. I know, music does it for me. Adele, Someone Like You is my choice today, thanks to Not so silent Mommy. I have decided to embrace this dark feeling with an array of sad love songs. I have been so hurt. I’m not going to push it away today. You have to be down before you can get back up again. Today is that day for me. I’m going to feel the pain and hurt and appreciate the times when I am happy. Just writing this is making me feel better.

I will have compassion for myself today and know that whatever I'm feeling is ok. I will not torture myself any longer. I allow myself to have feelings, good or bad, and I will feel them wholeheartedly.

So thank you to all that will read this melancholy piece that I have cooked up. I really want all of you to come on this journey with me, even when I am not so chipper and motivated. These are my true feelings and I thank you for allowing me to share them with you.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Feature of the week

My feature this week is Brene Browns Blog. I am reading her book, The Gifts of Imperfection, and it has inspired me so much that I have finally found my true calling in life.

I encourage all of you to check out her site, blog, books ect. She is a gift and I am so glad that I was introduced to her work. I hope you enjoy her too! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Perfection Project

So, just after I wrote my last entry, “soul searching” I realized that I was running late to a new class I was taking at the gym. It was outside since the usual turf was being occupied by this years summer soccer camp. I made it just in time.

While I was covered in sweat and panting, the wind seemed to blow at just the right times. It lifted my matted hair gently off of my face and in a moment where I was struggling to do just one more anything, I felt luxurious and at peace. I noticed the trees and how they just let the wind take them in any direction. They were always vulnerable to what mother nature had to offer and they just swayed with it. They danced to the rhythm of the seasons. At this moment, their leaves were flipped up exposing their lighter side of green. Which in my experience means a storm is coming. It really felt like the calm before the storm.

While in this state of discovery and appreciation, I started thinking about perfection. I realized that most things of value are one of a kind. The less their is of something the more valuable it becomes. The Mona Lisa stuck out to me for some reason. A one of a kind, replicated by many, piece of art that may perhaps be to valuable to put a price tag on. It is the only one of its kind. Some people love it, others probably think its ugly.

By our typical standards of today, she’s not that attractive. To some, she may be a goddess. My point is, she, like the painting is one of a kind. The original version cannot be replicated. It is a priceless piece of art and so are you.

Every imperfection, freckle, different colored eye, even your jiggle in the middle, is priceless. It cannot be replicated. It is who you are and what makes you valuable. You cannot be bought by anyone. Your worth is immeasurable. You are a gift to anyone you chose to share your life with. Your spouse,  your children, your friends and family. You are a treasure and no one could take your place. No one is just like you. For you are one of a kind. So that, like an exquisite work of art is priceless. You should know that.

The Project

I dare you to find perfection in something you think is imperfect. I double dare you! As you do whatever it is you do today, look at the world. Notice things in your world that you usually judge or hate about your world. It could be anything.

Do you or have you had that one cup that wasn’t dishwasher safe but  you don’t read directions so you put it in anyway. It then melted slightly and took on a strange shape that still resembled a cup, just a little different, more unique. I bet it was your favorite cup. You couldn’t buy another one. Its imperfection was perfect for you. In fact, it was your favorite because it was different. That happens a lot doesn’t it? With a lot of things, not just cups.

So why do we all strive to be perfect? What does perfection mean to you?

Just think about it and open your eyes.

Here are a few examples of what I mean....

Your old couch smells but you can’t afford a new one so it pisses you off that you have to sit on it and look at it every day. Now look at the couch and remember when you first bought it. How much you loved it and how nice it looked the first time you put it in your living room. How many memories have been made on that couch. The stain from one of your kids or your self that always reminds you of how much fun you had the day you made it.


Look at yourself and that jigglie belie that you keep meaning to get rid of. Touch it, wiggle it, appreciate it. When your ready to change it you will, but for now love it and realize you wouldn’t be you without it. I’m sure your the only one that really has a problem with it anyway so just let it go. Love yourself and all of your imperfections. Realize that’s what makes you valuable. That’s what makes you priceless.

Now go on out there and look at the world. Let me know what you see. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Welcome to the beginning of a perfectly imperfect day!

Soul searching

I have decided to take my blog in a different direction, at least for now, while I am doing a little “soul searching”. I would like to take all of you on this journey with me. Perhaps it will lead you to your own journey.

I so often feel like I am not good enough, a “Waynes World” recap of “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy” is ringing in my head. I also realized that I am not the only person in the world experiencing this emotion. This may be the reason I am sharing it with all of you. I have just started reading a book The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown after reading countless other self help, self love, books. I have noticed that I certainly do not lack the courage to say what is on my mind and exactly how I feel. However, I do harbor  the feeling  of “I’m not good enough” and often put up the “whatever” front or I attack the person that makes me feel vulnerable and then I cry.

I’ve noticed, so far, that I am lacking in compassion and always trying to fix people instead of just listening to them. I just say, your great why don’t you try this instead. My ideas are always the best and if you don’t want to take my advice then forget it. Or I go in to a “one up” story about an experience I’ve had that was way worse, thinking that will make you feel better about what you have just gone through. Apparently, that doesn’t work. If you are reading this and I have done that to you, I’m sorry.

Listening to people is key. All someone needs sometimes is just to be heard. They don’t want to be fixed or helped or one-uped. They just need a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear. Whatever shame or guilt you are in the middle of, just telling someone about it suddenly takes it away, makes it better, than just holding it all in.

I am lucky enough to have several people to talk to about everything and anything, I hope you do to. If you don’t, feel free to e-mail me or leave an anonymous comment. I promise, you will feel at least a little bit better just getting it out there. Then to realize you’re not the only person who feels this way is gold! Really, any emotion you have when you are feeling alone and discouraged is being felt by millions of other people. Why not just get it out there instead of letting it fester inside of you. Clean out the guilt and shame and make room for love and happiness. Hey, it’s worth a try.

It’s ok if your not perfect. In fact, people’s ideas of perfect are so different, who even knows what perfect is anymore.
Here is the definition of perfect: Make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible:
a.Being entirely without fault or defect: flawless “a perfect diamond”
satisfying all requirements: accurate
faithfully reproducing the original; specifically: letter perfect. Here is the link,

Personally I don’t like “perfect”. To me it seems to lack any personality or character. Let’s just say to me perfect would be robotic and unreal. Not really my style. I have my own set of “perfect”. Which makes me think of my husband. I have had so many past boyfriends that would have little “quirks” if you, will that drove me nuts. The way they pronounced a certain word... you say tomato I say tomAto....or a habit I couldn’t stand like drinking countless amounts of diet pepsi or just wearing the wrong clothes. Yes, I’d say I’m shallow or was just really not happy in a relationship so I picked out ridiculous things to dislike for a way out.

Now, back to my husband, the point of this “perfect” notion. He has flaws and little characteristics that would, in the past, drive me nuts. Instead, they are some of the things that I love most about him. Things I would never want to change. He knows what they are and I think everyone has their own imperfections. But to the right person, someone that truly loves you, those imperfections are what draws you closer. To the people that matter, those are the things that just make you who you are. What I’m trying to say is my husband isn’t perfect, if he was I wouldn’t be married to him I’d be married to a robot. But he is perfect to me. He is my kind of perfection. Which seems to mean accepting a person for who they are and loving every part of them no matter what. Your husband, sister, brother, best friend, anyone that truly matters to you. No one is the definition of perfect, but we are all perfect in our own unique ways.

So I hope I haven’t confused you to much, I just started this “soul search” and I hope it inspires you to read it as much as it inspires me to write it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Don't forget me!

I apologize for being a little “off” if you will. I have been enjoying my summer and really at a lack of what to write. I don’t seem to find the time to come up with my clever this and that's. Between the gym, pool, playtime with the kids and trying to keep my house somewhat presentable, all I want to do at the end of the night is curl up and have a drink!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as I am. I do have some silly stories, but I’m still trying to find the time and motivation to actually write them down. The kids get seriously annoyed and whiny when I am on the computer so my ability to concentrate and create anything that is actually blog worthy is just not there. Hopefully sooner than later I will come up with something amazing....leave you hanging at the edge of your seats. Until then...I haven’t forgotten about you all! Please don’t forget about me!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Duvet this!

Oh sweet duvet. Your so soft and cozy, why must you torture me! Pulling you onto my better than down comforter is just plain silly! Isn’t there a better way!

I first started with all buttons open and hanging half way off my bed. It doesn’t open like other duvets I’ve had and that sucks! I have to get on the bed and feed the comforter into the duvet. Today that took a good 10 minutes after which I realized it was in the wrong way. During my series of shakes and fluffing, I could see that the comforter on the inside didn’t go all the way to the end of the cover on the outside. Awesome. Lets start again.

The kids keep asking when they can put the pillows on as I rip the fake down out of my cozy cover.

“When I finish putting this cover on!”

“Mom....that will take forever!”

“Yes honey, yes it will.”

So I start, it didn’t get any easier the second time around. I wonder if anyone could see me through my window. Ass up on all fours thrusting the comforter into my cover once again. It would be quite a sight trying to figure out what I was doing fully clothed on my bed in a very provocative position. Oh honey, if you could see me now! We live on a cul de sac and I don’t think our neighbors could see even if they tried, but these are the things I think about.

Finally, I got that bitch on and every time I do it, I wonder what I was thinking. Wouldn’t a regular comforter be just as cozy? The answer is no, absolutely not. That is why I torture  myself and continue with my duvet dance. Its worth it.

If anyone knows some secret trick to putting a duvet cover on pass it along would you. I would love to stop the madness and still enjoy my fluffy, comfy comforter!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Is that a ken doll?

As you know I was away for about a week. My family and I traveled to Maine and it is filled with a lot of interesting people. Mostly nice and a few well, lets just stick with interesting.

 It seems that their are a lot of men that like to keep them selves looking tip top and young these days. However, one man took it to an extreme. My family and I were walking back to our hotel and I noticed a man riding on a bicycle. He was delivering pizza’s. Usually, I see young teenagers preforming this duty, but this man appeared to be much older.

His handle on the faded yellow cruiser fully equipped with a silver basket and pizza holder was not quite up to par. I noticed him because he just about run into a car before he skidded to a stop and almost flipped over the handlebars. He saved it, but it was a little to close for comfort. I could imagine his heart racing a mile a minute as passer byers just walked by and stared.

I felt bad for this pizza man but could only stare like the rest of them. I would have helped if he needed it. Then, I wondered what he was made of, because skin does not typically look like this. He actually looked like a man sized ken doll. It was crazy. I was trying to get my husbands attention so he could explain to me what I was seeing, but with kids screaming, there was no way to be discrete. He missed it.

Seriously, the man had no hair except on his head. Come to think of it, I don’t even remember if he had hair under that pizza hat. I was to drawn to the plastic look of his....everything! I have never seen such a human before and I was a little weirded out. Was I imagining things. Couldn’t everyone see this plastic man? He must be a robot or a pod person or something. I decided pizza wasn’t going to be on our menu that evening.

A day later on our way to lunch, I saw the infamous ken doll on his cruiser. I shouted for my husband to look. He assured me that it was no pod person, just a man that has been in the sun for way too long. He said that when he leaves the sun that tight plastic skin would wither in to loose flabby wrinkles. Gross. Keep that skin protected people, that was some sight.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Its funny how things change when you have children. I was never a big fan of fireworks until I saw how much my kids loved them.

We have been going to Maine now for a few years on July 4th. Its kind of a tradition and I like that. We started taking my daughter with us 3 years ago and my son 2 years ago. This year was the first year that we didn’t have to stay right on top of the kids. They are old enough to hang out in the kiddie pool, even though we were still sitting on the edge with them, and they usually listen when we tell them not to splash other kids, take their toys, ect.

So it was just a nice vacation. Of course we had our afternoon temper tantrums and night time meltdowns, but it was a lot easier for the most part. So, on July fourth, we watched the fireworks from the huge lawn at our hotel overlooking the ocean. They so close if looked like the fireworks were coming right at us. My daughter saw them last year while my son slept in his stroller. She had described the fireworks as candy falling from the sky.

This year, she loved them too. She was like, “Hey mom, you know which one I like best? All of them!” My son, seeing them for the first time, shouted “Horay” and “More, More!.” Then, “Look Mommy, Look!” It was so cute. My daughter was starting to get cold and wanted to go back to our “house in Maine” and then she would see a huge display of fire in the sky. She said it looked like fire and ice. Then one of many “I cant believe my eyes mom!” would randomly jump out of her mouth. It was just a pleasure seeing the fireworks through their eyes.

I’m personally not a big fan of them. I would rather just watch them on tv and avoid the crowds, or just forget about them altogether. Now, I’m singing a different tune. To see things through my children’s eyes makes me appreciate just about everything so much more. I am so fortunate to have them. They teach me more than I’ll ever be able to teach them.

I really got to just enjoy my family this week and I’m sad that it’s over already. My husband goes back to work tomorrow and it has been so nice having him around. My kids and I really love spending time with him, so I have to say, the rest of the week is not looking to enjoyable. We’ll make the best of it, we always do. It is, however, almost the weekend, so that's a plus.

Just wanted to drop a quick blog and say I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I have more stories, but that's the first one I wanted to share with you. Until tomorrow then.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Share some Inspiration

Footprints in the Sand

One night I had a dream.

I dreamed I was walking along the beach
with the Lord..

Across the sky flashed scenes from my life..
For each scene, I noticed two sets of
footprints in the sand,
one belonging to me, and the other to the Lord..

When the last scene of my life flashed before me,
I looked back at the footprints in the sand.
I noticed that many times along the path of my life
there was only one set of footprints.
I also noticed that it happened at the very lowest
and saddest times in my life.

This really bothered me
and I questioned the Lord about it:
"Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you,
you'd walk with me all the way.
But I have noticed that during the most
troublesome times in my life
there is only one set of footprints.
I don't understand why
when I need you most you would leave me."

The Lord replied:
"My precious child, I love you and would
never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering,
when you see only one set of footprints, it was then
that I carried you."

by Mary Stevenson

So this is what I have to share with you. I am by no means religious. I grew up catholic, I guess and I'm now episcopal because of my husband, but church is on holidays. Easter and Christmas. Anyway...I wanted to throw out a little inspiration because we all need it. I need it a few times a day.

I shared this poem because it just touches me. I cried the first time I read it. I can't explain why exactly, but just to know your not alone makes me feel at peace.

So if you will.... please share an inspirational song, poem, saying, book....whatever moves you..... in my comment box. I don't know how to do the "linky" thing yet. So until then, I would love to hear what you wonderful people out there have to say while I am away. I am signing off until next week! Love and peace....have a kick ass fourth of July weekend!

The toot train!

On my day before vacation errands, we had to stop at CVS for a prescription. I go there because they have a drive through window. So I asked for the rx and was told it was there for 2 weeks and had to be put back. UGH! So now I finally get to the damn place and they don’t have what I’m looking for! It will be a half hour. Insert raspberry/Bronx cheer noise here.

I plan my outings in order of farthest from my house and on what sides of the road they are on. This one was farthest from my house and on the wrong side of the road. So I decide to continue on and go get dog food, which is on the right side of the road. Then proceed to pick up some way to expensive pottery my kids painted for fathers day, yes I know it was 2 weeks ago, also on the right side of the road. When I left, I  actually pulled right out with no traffic to stop me as I journeyed back the way I came.
I still have to get back to the house so I can meet the young man that’s going to watch our dogs. So I decided to fill up the almost full tank with gas since its on the right side of the road on my way back to CVS where they were holding my rx hostage. Did you get all that?

Back to the other side of town. I pull up to the window and there is a new woman there to greet me. As soon as she opens the window my daughter shouts that she just tooted and wanted to know if we could smell it. The woman just stared at me and I smiled.

“Ok honey, you have to be quiet while mommy’s getting the medicine.”

Which meant nothing to her. So next was “yummmm, my toot smells so good, I want to eat it!”

Seriously, did my daughter just shout that out. Thankfully we were not in the store and only the strange lady behind the glass slider was fortunate enough to witness the random outbursts my little one was serving up. The odd way she looked at me didn’t bother me a bit. Although, it was kind of funny and I’m surprised she didn’t even crack a smile. Insert Bronx cheer yet again.

I’m not easily embarrassed anymore thanks to my offspring. Usually people look at us and smile and say how cute they are....even if they are trying to eat their toots. Actually, this was my first ride on the toot train and I look forward to more outbursts on crowded streets and in stores while we are on vacation. That’s one I hope to get on video. Ready or not AFV...I’m coming for my $10,000! If only I had a built in video camera on my head, we would have won a ton of money!

Until then, only you, sweet blog readers, will be blessed with the antics of my children. Your welcome!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Thanks for the good vibes! Our A/C filter was just clogged! Whew. I feel much better now. Anyway, my children and I had another successful coupon extravaganza! I saved $81. Woohoo! Or as my son would say... “yee ha boys”. I have no idea where he gets his sayings from, but it sounds so cute.

Shop rite is my new couponing store. Well, my only couponing store since I just started really doing it last week. I have to say, it has certainly paid off. My total was $92.00 after the store card was swiped... I only paid $ $61. I missed the “retail” value which must have appeared as my children were randomly saying hi to people 10 times. One hi just isn’t enough, 10 Hi’s and bye’s seem to work for them.

A random old man said hi back to them and was like “don’t talk to strangers.” Ha, I forgot about that one. I just say my kids are friendly. At least for now, they are always with me when we encounter strangers, I’ll have to work on that before they start kindergarten. Ugh, actually, I love that they are so nice to EVERYONE! They don’t discriminate. They genuinely are just sweet to all people. That’s one of my favorite things about them. I’ll have to find my own way to tell them about “stranger danger”.

Why does their have to be so many creepers out there? I want to smack them all. Well, they are hard to spot. Most of the people I would never approach end up being the sweetest of the bunch. Let’s not judge a book by its cover. Yes, we’ve all done it, but I’ve learned my lesson and I hope you do too.

So for now, I have food spilling out of my pantry and vacation is on Friday! With the   A/C issue taken care of, I am getting happier by the second! It’s been a tough week but its going to have a very happy ending! I can’t wait.

I shall miss you all. I’ll have to bring a notebook and my favorite pink pen with me to jot down the random mishaps that always happen on our vacations. It’s what makes them memorable. I’ll be back tomorrow and I’ll try to leave a little text challenge for you to work on while I’m away. I hope you participate! Maybe I’ll have to think of a new clever sumptin’ sumptin’ for you to wrap your heads around. We shall see.

Adios muchachas!

Send some love

I need some love today and happy thoughtsThere is a huge puddle surrounding my furnace/central air thingie yet again! At least its not the hot water heater! Seems to be the Central air. So to start, we have to pay a man just to look at it. We leave on Friday for a much needed family vacation. So happy to deal with this right now.

So if you could just send some good vibes....hoping this wont cost a ton of money, that would be awesome! I'll let you know how it goes later. It's one of those, "we will call you in the morning and let you know when we will be out there."

 Great, so much for planning my day. I was super organized, getting the car cleaned out, doing ALL of the laundry and folding it. Still in piles, but I have to pack reason to put it all in drawers. Right?!

I wish you all an amazing day and I'm going to send out some good vibes too! Hope to be posting sooner than later on the status of the basement.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 Things to make me smile

So I read a blog today, The Mommy Therapy, and today’s post was 10 things that make me smile. It came from another mommy blogger trying to spread some love. With the funk I’ve been in, mother nature stalking me and this unforgiving head cold, smiling might just be the medicine I need. So let’s see what I can whip up.

1.My Son

As I write, he is laying at my feet sleeping on the hardwood floor. I can smell that he pooped, but I can’t decide if I should wake him up. I will write this then do the dirty deed. No matter what I do during the day or how annoyed I am at any one of a million things, he always has something funny or cute to say. Even his random... “Iew, stinky poot” makes me smile. Poot is my son’s word for poop. The voice, the sweet face and lack of ability to annunciate is just precious and melts my heart.

2.My Daughter

I know, a bit clichae but my kids really do make me smile. She gets so mad sometimes that she stomps out of the room and tells me “this is unacceptable and ridiculous” then she threatens me with a time out if I don’t stop telling her what to do. Ah, I can’t even be mad. I will remember these times when she does the same thing only she’s a teenager and it’s not so cute.

3.My Husband

Yep, it had to be next. I can’t help it, I am in love with my family. They drive me crazy but bring me the most joy. Now, when I watch my husband with my children I always smile. His patience and kindness inspire me to be a more patient and kind individual. I am almost 30 and I have learned so much from him. His voice in the middle of a scream filled day instantly calms me. He still calls me when he gets to work and during his lunch. I’m addicted.

4.Ah the tickets

If you didn’t read, I lost our amazing red sox tickets. The sweet ticket man printed us out a new ticket so we could go. However, while I was losing my mind over our lost ticket I fell in love with my husband all over again. Money, tickets, fathers didn’t matter to him. He just brushed it off and was ready to hit the streets and have a nice dinner. Love that! That will keep me smiling for years!

5. Celebrating Mother’s day

My husband took the kids and let me travel to my hometown to have brunch with my mom, aunt and cousin. We had the best time EVER! Simple but sooo fun. It’s been a long time since I could relax and hang with some of my favorite ladies!

6. My favorite white pants

I have had them for years and they always fit. They are super comfy and look fantastic.

7. The pink pen

I am a little pen picky. I only like ball point. So my daughter has this cute pink pen with pink feathers on the top. I randomly used it one day since all my other pens were lost in the void where they keep the pens and socks. I feel in love instantly. Then the other day, I caught the dog chewing on it! Have mercy puppy! Luckially, no harm done, but, the pink feathers were chewed.

8. Blogging

I am new to blogging. It’s been about a month and a half and whew, what a load off. It’s like an instant community full of friends that just get it. It seems that all of us mommy bloggers ban together and support one another. Seriously, just what I needed! Thank you ladies for saving my sanity!

9. The phone

Not the actual phone, and usually, I’m not a big phone talker. But...I know that I can always pick it up and call my mom. Yes, I know, sad but true. I still talk to my mom almost every day. I like knowing that I can just pick up the phone and she will be there to talk me through my emotional drama and isn’t afraid to tell me what I need to hear. Sometimes I need a good slap, or just a voice telling me to knock it off. She helps me see the brighter side of life.

10. This Realization

While thinking of things that made me happy, I was sad to realize that I could hardly think of anything except my family. It seems I look to them for my happiness when I should really be looking inside myself and at the things around me. How sad is it when a person can think of at least 50 things that make them unhappy and barely come up with 10 things that make them smile. Whats up with that? Well thank you for this activity, while I wanted to make it clever and silly, some soul searching took place instead. I’m going to have to do this at least once a week and hopefully some much needed smiling will come from it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Mom Baby

I’m not sure what it is. I’m in a mood today and was yesterday too. Maybe mother nature is knocking at my door. So, as I said earlier, my daughters 4th birthday was today. We went out all day doing fun kid friendly things. Children's museum, Chucky Cheese, a visit to Mi ma, pick any toy at Target, Pizza and Ice cream cake.

So, I know I’m being a big “mom baby” but my daughter asked me to leave when we were at my mother-in-laws house so they could have fun. She was dead ass.
“Mom, could you please leave so we can have fun.” Not just once, but several times. She finally let it go, but was not pleased that I would be hanging around.

I was a little hurt. Am I not fun? Do I not know how to get down and dirty like a four year old? Of course, I’m the one who has to discipline, but to hear that I’m no fun kind of bothered me. Then, we are reading books in bed and my kids want nothing to do with me. Daddy’s home. They wouldn’t let me read books and cried when I told daddy he could go downstairs. I don’t even know what to say except I personally feel like a five year old and wanted to stomp and cry as I walked out of the bedroom.

It super sucks that you do anything and everything, then you hear, your no fun and I want daddy. Ugh! He is a kick ass dad, but aren’t I a kick ass mom? I don’t really feel like one at the moment. So I appreciate you reading my bitch fest. I wonder if all mothers feel like this or if I’m just being a big baby. I would like to have a tantrum every once in a while. Kicking and screaming....”everybody hates me!” Oh, well. So blogging it is.

If you feel like kicking and screaming...please do so in my comment box...I would LOVE to hear it! I hope I’m not alone in this. If I am, god help me to grow up and be a better mother.

Weekend Review

Saturday was my daughters birthday party. It all went off without a hitch. Typical kids party then had family back to the house. I felt horrible, but I made it through. Saturday night, my husband went out after the kids fell asleep. A much needed break after birthday party chaos. So what did I do? First I raided the kitchen for some left over sweets. Once I was in a pretty solid cupcake coma, I looked for any chic flick that I could find while I had a few hours to myself. Nothing. I couldn’t find ANYTHING to watch! I usually dvr movies to watch when my husband goes out but I wasn’t in the mood for anything I had. I finally searched on demand. Just the free premium channels, HBO Showtime, you know. AH, Burlesque. Christina Aguleria and Cher star in this racy movie. What the hell. I pushed play and off I went on my chic flick journey.

Well, all I have to say about “Burlesque” is BLAH! If I could insert a sound effect of the “Bronx Cheer” I would. What a piece of crap! Hey Christina, you can blow (sing) but lets stick to what your good act. Acting isn’t it! I’m not a big fan of Cher either. Her singing voice is very strange and I just don’t like it. Besides all that, the movie was just like every other crappy romantic, girls got nothing and turns herself into something movie! Um, “Coyote Ugly” is ringing a bell. Girl moves from a small town,  gets robbed, has no where to go. Forces herself into this job, falls in love with the hot bartender and is a huge “burlesque” success. Blah, blah, blah! I clearly do NOT recommend it. It was about 2 hours long and I want my time back! What a waste!

Sunday wasn’t any better. I have been sick for a few days so my husband let me lay down and took care of everything! I found a “Mob Wives” marathon. I’ve seen this show once and it’s not that great, but it is pretty hilarious! The women are from Staten Island and all of their men are either in jail or about to go to jail. The girls just fight and bitch constantly and what comes out of their mouths is just funny!

“She just made me come out of my face!” is pretty common and one of my favorites. They are so serious when they say this random crap too. One of the girls called the other one a twat neck. Really, that's clever. So I watched it ALL day. They sucked me in with their non-sensical rambling and catty fighting. Good times.

Today is my daughters actual birthday, she is four! Where does the time go? So, I’m going to bring her somewhere to celebrate. She is not very happy about it just being her little brother and I. I still feel like crap and I don’t want to infect any other little ones. I’m not really sure what to do but I will not be on the computer. My girl needs some attention today....all day! She deserves it. I’m sure we will encounter some random silliness on our outing. I’ll let you know how in goes. In the meantime, please enjoy your day! It looks beautiful where I am, so get out there and have some fun!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Feature of the week!

So, while perusing blogs from Top mommy blogs the humor section of course, I found this one... A Bitch Called Mom. The name says it all and I am now....a follower. So sad, I follow so many of you bloggers. I like to think of myself as more of a leader than a follower, but what the hell. You follow me....I follow you....I get it.

Oh, and by the way, I have had NO page views today! NONE! WTH! Ok, ok, I'm feeling a little under the weather. My daughters birthday party was today. I guess since there really is nothing to read, I wouldn't look either. Sigh...woe is me. I'm a blog slacker! On that note, check out the link.... I think your going to like it!

 Don't take things to personally.... have a little fun.... smile! My little mantra for you. Have a kick ass weekend!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Crazy coupon lady

Now, as much as I wanted some grumpy old man to snub me and make rude comments so I could come back here and make it funny, I just wasn’t that lucky today. We went to shop rite in a town filled with old people, no offense to the senior citizens out there, its just a fact. The town has a huge over 55 community and is filled with antique stores. I actually drove past the shop rite because it just blended in with the other plaza stores and in no way looked like a grocery store plaza. That’s just how they roll in that town. No drive trough's and everything has to look all nice and uniform. I appreciate it but still, I had to turn around for the 3 times before I finally found my way.

Anyway, my children are extremely friendly and my daughter thinks I know everyone. Who was that mama? What’s her name? Then she gets frustrated when I tell her I don’t know. My son, who I now let walk with me instead of keeping him strapped down to the cart, says “hi” to everyone....everyone. Which is kind of nice. Who could be mean to the cutest 2 year old ever! No one. Not the snotty old woman by the onions or the cranky man thumbing through his newspaper. I randomly talk to people too, but they are not always so nice to me. With 2 adorable little ones in tow, I could do no wrong. This was also my first shopping trip with ALOT of coupons. Meaning, more than 10.

I realize with all the “extreme couponing” going on that’s nothing, but I was very happy with the results. So, now that we know everyone in the store, customers and employees, it’s checkout time. I start to shake, for no good reason at all. I’m not going to have some astronomical bill and only have 100 to spend. I guess I just thought it was nice that I bought baileys creamer, which I love, for .34 and a box of corn pops....not for the kids just me....for .44, I don’t let my kids eat that crap! It was little things like that and it made me kind of nervous. My bill came to $149.00 and I paid $115. Not crazy coupon savings, but awesome for me! Usually, I pay the $149, but not today. Sorry shop rite, it’s on now. I’m already equipped with my coupons for next week. It’s not even Sunday! Those coupons will be a bonus!

So here is a killer website if you want to save some money and don’t feel like spending hours on the computer or digging through trash for extra ones.

When we left the store, my children said “bye” to EVERYONE! It was super cute. Then when I started loading up my car a random woman that we saw about 4 times in the store came up to me and told me what wonderful sweet children I have and how she hopes her baby girl will be at least half as sweet as my kids. Ha, if she could hear them now. Screaming and fighting over nothing. What a day. Hope yours was as good as mine! Have an amazing weekend! TGIF!


The rain has brought back....the funk. Not in a good way. My daughters birthday is tomorrow and I have a million things to do. Of course, why not wait till’ the last minute to do everything. Actually, I’m exaggerating. I just have to go to the store for those last minute items. Table cloth, burgers and hot dogs, juice boxes and party favors. I never know what to put in those little bags to thank the other kids for coming to the party. That's what they’re for right? Little trinkets made of cheap plastic that gets thrown away before they enter the house. What a waste. I think sidewalk chalk is the way to go. My neighbor did that and I thought it was a great idea.

I seriously need a tanning bed. I’m not usually a tanner, anymore, but with the kids being sick and the rain constantly bombarding my world, some days, I don’t even bother opening the curtains. I didn’t shower until 4pm yesterday. Today, I’m showered and ready for our shopping extravaganza. However, with two runny noses at my heels, I’m not sure how that will go. I’ll be the irresponsible parent that brings out her sniffling germ laden little ones. I do know that once the cold has been in full force, it’s not as contagious as the few days before it hit. The rhinovirus aka common cold. Here’s a little snippet of info from Wikipedia....your welcome.

Looks like they may still be contagious...what’s a girl to do. I’ll toy with the idea but it’s been at least 4 days now. I’ll holster the purell and quick draw it when necessary. Watch your back germs, mama’s had just about enough!

So we will see what kind of charades I get myself into today. I’m thinking some good blogging is in my future. Target, Shop rite, the sky’s the limit. I’m stocked up with coupons, I’m a beginner, so lets see how it goes. I hope your day goes well. May sunshine be in your future, it doesn’t look like its in mine for until at least Monday! If you could send some my way, that would rock my world!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Facebook slackers

So I will randomly read peoples facebook status’s. Usually of people I haven’t seen or talked to in forever. I’m just curious, my husband would call it nosey but paint me any color you want. I don’t mind. My point is that I think its funny. People actually post that they are about to watch tv or are watching tv and it’s not working. How about, on their way home to watch some stupid tv. Guess what, we don’t care! Well, I guess I kind of do because I always go and look to see if the same person is still posting the same crap. Yep. Sure is. Oh, you dvred some lame ass show and then your going to watch it. Woohoo....that sounds AWESOME. I’m so glad you posted that for all of your friends, or lack there of to see.  You might want to keep that crap to yourself.

Now there are some people on facebook that are absolutely hilarious! They let us know what they are up to or bitch about whatever sucks during their day, while still being funny and interesting. Thank you clever facebook posters! Please direct the previous boring facebook posters to your page. Hey, watch all the tv you want, slackers, we just dont need to know how boring your life is. If you must tell us, have a heart and make it fun to read would ya?!

Thanks for listening. I guess it’s sad that I read anything on facebook and now I’m blogging about it. Hum....some food for thought.


Kids are sick. No big deal, just colds and just enough to make them grumpy. Waiting for the safelite man to come and fix my husbands windshield for the THIRD time! They were actually going to send the original "master of the windshield" out AGAIN! Seriously, they need to get their shit together. Luckily, my husband is at work and wont know about this debacle until he reads this. I took care of it and FINALLY, they are sending the real "Master" to our house. After the 18 year old came the second time and crapped up the window, I had second thoughts about using this company! I doubt we ever will again.

So, just a sweet good morning to my readers. I am disappointed with the text talk turnout and I am going to see what I can do to get more people involved. Prizes? Rewards? A gold medal? Instant gratification from yours truly for being clever and awesome? The skys the limit and I hope to be uber clever this time. Hummmm.... it may be a few weeks. I'm going on vacation next weekend, July 4th. I will have no computer access. What ever shall I do! 5 days of no blogging! I'll be back with an entire book to post. So stay tuned.

Well, if you have any ideas or requests for the text talk challenges or if you just want to leave me a comment, please do! They make me all warm and fuzzy inside! Nice to know your out there, loving or hating my antics. Ho hum....I think I hear a truck in my driveway. Lets see how it goes. I'm still in I don't care!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No funk today!

 I decided to take the kids for a little walk today. After the gym this morning, I grabbed them out of daycare and drove to the other side of the campus. Our gym is located in the back of a huge campus that used to house mental patients. All the creepy dilapidated buildings are still there, just empty. It’s kind of cool and very weird all at the same time. Anyway, since I was in a super funk for no good reason yesterday, I decided I wasn’t going to let that happen today! I thought some bonding time with the kids would do the trick.

We found our way to a small parking lot filled with about 8 cars. We unloaded and started walking. I had no idea where this led to but we would soon find out. My daughter  is already whining about what we are doing.
“Ugh, mom, are we just.....walking?! I’m tired.”
Yes, walking, what a concept. I had to pretend we were explorers searching for “something”. My daughters first choice for the something was an ice cream store. I had to remind her of what kinds of things we might find in the woods and she remembered that bugs could be found outside. She’s not a big bug fan. After a few kicks and screams, we were back to our exploration in search of the unknown.

Our first encounter was with a 65-70 year old man. I saw him slowly trot from the woods behind him and I got nervous. We hadn’t seen any other passer Byers, so I immediately put my keys between my fingers, my make shift brass knuckles, and prepared for whatever this old timer was going to dish out. As he approached, my 2 year old son ran to him to say hello. He was graciously given a good morning and 2 high fives. Good thing I was ready, he could have turned any minute. Obviously, I didn’t grow up in the best town. Where we live now is quite a change for me. People wave at you and say hello in the grocery stores. They don’t give you the finger for looking in their direction or shove you out of their way to get down a narrow grocery isle. It’s only been a year and a half. I’m sure it will take some time.

We walked about a mile or so on a black concrete road leading through “the forest” as my daughter put it. It was lovely! My daughter finally stopped whining and my son had to yell HI at people hundreds of yards away from us. He didn’t stop saying hello until they finally said it back and passed by us. People call him the mayor with good reason. Once we turned around to travel back to the car, I heard a loud rumbling. It could’ve been the back hoe taking down one of the crumbling buildings. We walked on. A loud crash and more rumbling. “what’s that loud noise mommy?” “Thats thunder baby.”

I reminded them that if the sky opens up and throws its rain on us, it’s just water. You always want to play in the rain, so here’s your chance. I am now walk/running with my son on my back while making sure my daughter could still keep up. I don’t particularly enjoy wearing soaking wet clothes. We made it to the car and as soon as I loaded the kids and shut the doors, down it came. Thanks for looking out universe. It would have made for a funnier story though.

That's all my kids will allow me to write for now. I’ll try to post a little something later.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Text Challenge Answer

The answer to the text challenge is:  Gotta Go I Smell Poop

Thank you so much for playing. I think my favorite guess was Good God I'm So Pregnant. You crack me up! I'll have a new post tomorrow for this weeks Text Challenge. I hope we have more participants!

I Lost the Tickets!

I’m not sure where I should begin. Yesterday, my husband and I went to a Boston Red Sox game. A friend of his has season tickets and they are pretty much right on the field. My husband had intended to bring his father, since it was fathers day, but he was unable to attend due to a very hectic work schedule. So, I went in his place. WOOHOO! I’ve been to a Yankee game before in the nosebleed section where you need binoculars to see anything! I didn’t even know you could drink beer at the stadium. So sad, I know.

So we drive a few hours, stop for gas and of course I had to pee. I was in charge of the amazing tickets which stayed in my wallet. Well, except when I used one to punch directions in to the GPS. Apparently, the ticket never made it back into my wallet. Yep, I lost the ticket.

When we got to the stadium, we paid some kind of ridiculous amount to park and I hauled ass to the front gates. Yes, I had to pee AGAIN! I open my bag, pull out my over sized black wallet that safely housed out “golden” tickets without bending them and what do I see.... 1 ticket. But how! They were right here! We had them both in the car! I only took 1 out to get the address! Now I start to hyperventilate and run back to our car. It has to be there. I bypass the parking attendants and tell them I have my own key.

I rip open the door and pull apart my car. It has to be somewhere! I had them in the car! I took one out for a second, didn’t I put it right back in my wallet?! Its not there. Now I start to think I left it out and the evil parking guy took it. I was about to make him empty his pockets. My husband talked me down. I freaked out. The ticket was no where. I looked everywhere about five times. Nothing! I threw some stuff away when we stopped to get gas, apparently, my ticket went too. OMG! I ruined our amazing day! No kids, awesome seats, beer....Gone! Now I’m about to pass out.

So what does my husband say. “It’s ok honey, it’s just a baseball game. Lets go grab some food. No big deal.” WHAT?! NO BIG DEAL! We had box seats! ON the field! Not that we are crazy baseball fans, but you can’t just get those! You have to know someone, or kill someone, you know. I’m obviously exaggerating, but you get where I’m going with this. I refuse....I will not be defeated! I’m finding that ticket! This can’t be the end of it.

So we grill the parking people that barely speak English. Then I search the lot for any sign of the illusive ticket. Nada. My husband is still trying to calm me down and directs me to a bathroom. I still have to pee. Maybe I’ll throw up too. I can’t believe I did this!

My husband is all fine and good. I have never experienced this. Yell at me, be mad, something. Please, don’t let me get off this easy. He just hugged me and told me everything was going to be fine. There will be other games. Lets just get a drink and some food. REALLY?! At that moment I realized.... this is love. Right here, right now. All I could think of was that poem or whatever it is they read at weddings. “Love is patient, Love is kind”.

I personally define love as words. I always want my husband to spill his guts and tell me how much he loves me. That’s what I do. I write cards, letters, I talk his ear off telling him how much I love him. I was actually in the car on the way there trying to get him to say something, anything about how much he loves me. He always says I love you and agrees with my “love rants”. Honestly, he’s just not the type of guy to say those things. It’s not his style.

I learned yesterday that words are just words. If they aren’t backed up with genuine love and compassion they mean nothing. I will never question my husbands love, ever. I’m pretty dramatic and we’ve been through some tough times. Who hasn’t. I have, once or twice, wondered if he still felt that way about me. That crazy love we had where no words could have described it. It was a feeling that couldn’t be explained. You would only understand the feeling if you’ve experienced it yourself. If you did, you would just get it.

We still have it. Life is crazy, we have two kids and two dogs, but its there and it always has been. I don’t know if I would have been so understanding if he had lost a ticket. I probably would have huffed and puffed and helped him look and then accepted it. I have all the words. I could write him a poem, but do I show him compassion? So many times.... I don’t.

So, I’m glad that happened yesterday. The experience opened my eyes to what love REALLY is. I will never forget that day. I will never forget what I learned from my husband. He is truly a gift.

We made it to the game by the way. After all that, we went to the ticket services counter and showed the man our lone ticket. He made a few calls and printed us out a new one. “No big deal, it happens.” That's what he said to me. I cried. The guy laughed, but I couldn’t believe it! I think I embarrassed my husband a little, but he understood.

 He never made me feel bad about my mistake. He just had my back. We were literally 4 rows back from the field. I could see the sweat on the players. It was AWESOME! I couldn’t believe my husband wasn’t even mad at me for almost missing this. “It’s just a game honey, don’t sweat the small stuff.” He’s right.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Away I go

I just wanted to send out a little post to let you know I will not be blogging tomorrow. I will be away all day! So, I will let the text challenge go until monday and hope I get some more guesses. Anyway... after a whole day out, I'm sure I'll have some good blogging on Monday! Enjoy your families and again I say HAPPY FATHERS DAY! I hope your "babys daddy" is as good as mine!

Featured Blogger

I will be busy this weekend, celebrating the amazing father of my children. We will be away tomorrow so I will announce the winner of the text challenge this evening, or maybe I will let it go until Monday since we have very few participants.

My featured blogger this week is actually my mother. She is one amazing woman and she wrote a blog today that I want to share with all of you. I'm sure many of us can relate. Also, the clip she put up is from the movie, "Grace of my heart" and amazing movie that I would highly recommend.

Have a wonderful, fun filled amazing weekend. Happy Fathers Day!

Foreclosed Upon

Friday, June 17, 2011

No Food, No fun

Did you ever want to just slam in to someone with your shopping cart? Well, today while I was at target, that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I went out today feeling very hungry. When I haven’t eaten I get a little crazy. I grabbed an apple before I left the house which was taken from me by my daughter. So, I was running on empty and after coming up empty handed at Michaels craft store, for fathers day knick knacks, I thought I would hit up target.

So everyone was at the “Fathers day” card section. We’re all slackers. No one would move their carts and people were just crowded around the cards like they were about to sell out. I found the FOUR cards I needed, yes FOUR, and got the hell out of there. My daughters birthday party is next weekend so I decided to get a head start on some goodies.

As I’m about to turn down the isle a woman goes right in front of me and stops. She decides to turn and yell at her son to hurry up. Then she just stands there waiting for him while he fondles the toys and completely ignores her. Now she’s pissed and will not just move out of the way. I want to yell “don’t just stand there, go swipe his ass up and get the hell out of my way!”

Does she even see me patiently waiting to go down the isle. Plotting to myself how I’m going to slam this cart into her huge thigh and hope she moves! Still standing there waiting for her little angel. Really, not even a glance or a oh, sorry. Nope. I would normally say something and just push through, but my mind was racing and my stomach was growling so animal instincts were in full throttle. All I could think was how badly I wanted to shove her out of my way with my monsterous red carriage and not send a message to my children that its alright to hit. By the time I was done talking to myself, she was gone and I was free to move down the isle.

I know that sounds incredibly mean, but when I’m hungry, that’s how I roll. As I browse through the store for this and that, I am wondering what I can buy to shove in my face as soon as we get in the car. Nothing looks good and I want everything. I just have to get the essentials I need until my “big” shopping trip. Goldfish, pretzels, buns, swim vest, you know, the usual. Then I hear, “Mommy, I have to pee”. Of course you do. So we haul ass to the other side of the store and someone is in the bathroom. We use the target bathroom by the pharmacy, usually, its a better choice....not today.

I hear a flush and expect someone to walk out in a minute or two. Then, I hear the water. A few minutes later, the super Xcelerator dryer. Still, no one has emerged and I’m wondering what I have to look forward to once its our turn. Finally, the door is opening. Oh shit....literally..... a very large male target employee walks out. I think I saw some sweat on his brow. Do I dare? Do I have a choice? Quick, lets just do it, we don’t have time to run to the front of the store.

My daughter walks in and immediately plugs her nose. I’m trying to take small breaths and begin rethinking my potty choice. It smelled like an actual cow walked into that bathroom and let loose. Am I going to pass out? I got this. She is already pants down on the potty. Gross, no time to clean it off. I actually purelled her butt when she was done. Yuck. We did what we came to do, now off to the checkout.

When I got to the car I was so hungry I ransacked the bags to find anything to eat. The kids wanted fruit snacks, but that just sounded gross. I actually considered making a sandwich with a hamburger bun and salsa. No, that would be to messy. Frozen chicken nuggets, absolutely not, but my choices were limited. Goldfish are a hot commodity around here so I didn’t want to waste them. I would have taken down the whole bag. So I wait. Drive home in a I need food coma and down 2 hotdogs upon entering the house. Whew, I think I’ll call it a day. No good comes when mama’s hungry.