Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Ok, it has been awhile. Lucky for me, I have been busy! I went back to my hometown recently, not my favorite place in the world, but I got to visit my brother and sisters and that was AWESOME! They are a lot younger than me, but are now teenagers, so it’s kinda crazy. They aren’t babies anymore! Anyway, I got to sing with my brothers band, who are amazing by the way! I don’t share a lot of info about my personal life on here, names, places things like that, but I’m sharing this!

Please check them out. I’m going to be singing on one of their songs when their next cd comes out and it was amazing! I had so much fun recording with them. They are all crazy talented and I’m sure you will hear about them soon!

Besides all that excitement, my little man is potty training. Its hilarious because he will only go on the “big” potty and although he doesn’t have to wipe when he pees, he unravels the toilet paper and throws some in anyway. It’s super cute! He does a little pee pee on the potty song and dance...I made it up to get him excited and it just kind of stuck with him. Almost all the way, still working on number real way to say that nicely.

I can’t believe school is going to start soon. I’m a room mother for my daughters class and I have a meeting to goto tomorrow evening. Crazy how the summer goes by so fast! Next year, my daughter will be starting kindergarten! It’s so surreal. People always told me that it would go by before you know it and it sure does! My babies aren’t babies anymore! Oh well. They will always be MY babies.

Before I get all choked up, I’m gonna get going. So much to clean. My husband kept the house so nice while I was gone! I walked in and everything was spotless...until I brought in all of our crap and ruined it. So, I’m off...hopefully I will not neglect my blog any further. Their are bound to be some random acts of crazy in the near until then, enjoy whats left of the summer!

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