Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So This is Motherhood?: Its actually quiet.

So This is Motherhood?: Its actually quiet.: "To what do I owe this pleasure? My son is asleep and my daughter is at preschool. So I thought, hey, some time to blog blogity blog blog blo..."

Its actually quiet.

To what do I owe this pleasure? My son is asleep and my daughter is at preschool. So I thought, hey, some time to blog blogity blog blog blog. I have a feeling that I may not be able to keep up with this writing thing but, I actually like doing it. Who knew. I hope I can be interesting enough to hold your attention. Is my wit going to be enough? Will I have to be uber clever to keep my readers...or even get anyone to subscribe to my blog? I just started so I’ll cut myself a break, but please readers...if there are any out there....subscribe to my blog. It will make me feel special. Who doesn’t want that, right!

Enough of that. So some good news. I feel a bit foolish but I’ll take it because my hot water heater is in fact....NOT....leaking. Woohoo and hallelujah! It seems that there is a small box of some sort that filters our central air system. In my previous attempts to fix our water softener that beeps relentlessly whenever it’s low on salt until I unplug it and reset it, I apparently unplugged this thingamajig and it poured water all over our floor. Luckily, it didn’t get to the just finished part of our basement, thats all waterproof except for the floor of course. It stayed, instead, in a nice pool on the hard concrete floor.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day of unexpected events

Well, a lovely memorial day weekend. Just a little “stay-cation” if you will, with 3 whole days of my husband. Yes, thats a good thing. Since he usually works until 7pm it was nice for all of us to spend some time together. We played outside, did some shopping and on our final day together, we were greeted by some lovely dead mice in our garage and a leaky hot water heater. Now thats what I call fun. Oh, did I mention that we just replaced our hot water heater last February ’10? We bought our house in December 09. Yep, 2 months in our new house and water  cascaded through our basement out of our old, rusty hot water heater. Thanks home inspector... yes you were worth every penny. Ugh, so since today was the holiday we will be waiting until tomorrow to sum up the damages. I’m really looking forward to it. It could be worse I’m sure, but come on.

Friday, May 27, 2011

6AM.... we have to talk.

Good morning 6am. Ah yes, it’s been awhile but our dates have become more frequent. I think we have to have the talk. I prefer 8am. Even seven is much kinder to me. I know this comes as a shock, but I don’t think this is going to work out. It’s not you, it’s me. I hope you understand. 
I much prefer the annoying buzzer at 7 or 8 to the whining mom cries that have frequented my 6am upheaval from my very comfortable king sized bed. “moooommmm, I want to go downstairs.... is daddy home?” They know he has to work, but every morning it’s the same shenanigans. Once I say no, daddy is at work a lovely pitch of screaming rings throughout my bedroom. It’s a great way to start the day I think. I’m sure the afternoon, right around 3pm when it all comes crashing down and nap time has come and gone with no success, will be a lovely reminder of what I have to look forward to tomorrow. 
Oh, I’m sorry, we haven’t even talked about breakfast. Every morning, I kid you not, every single morning, we come downstairs and my daughter asks for a treat. Not just can I have a treat, but she dances around what she already knows is a NO from me.
 It goes a little something like this, “ Mom, I wanna ask you sumptin. (She’s 3 so some words are only so so) I know your gonna be mad, but ugh, I just, (sigh) I really wish, (sigh) I could have a treat. I know your gonna be mad, (whining) but I reeeeeaaaally want one. Please mom can I please just have one.”  So, like every other morning I say, “No, you know we don’t have treats early in the morning, so please don’t ask me.” Followed by “Ugh MOM but PLEASE, I really want one. Just one, please MOM!”  Then the “I said NO, and if your going to act this way your going to have a time out!” Followed by the oh so sweet.... “FINE! You don’t love me!”  To which I say nothing, but I’m thinking that could be a possibility if you keep it up. I’m kidding, you do love your children no matter what, but man, some days are iffy.
Already, I have been interrupted at least 3 times for more milk, water and a random ole’ pick me up.  Yes, I do treasure these moments that I get to spend with my children, but you know what I mean, don’t you? Bitching and my attempt at sarcastic humor and a lucid adult sentence just help me through the day. Wow, it’s not even 7:30am. The phrase from my children for today seems to be... “Iew, stinky poots”. Followed by hysterical laughter. My son refuses to say poop, so poot is what we have to work with. It’s so damn cute I don’t even care.  Lets see what kind of crazy we come up with today!

Stay at home mom....yes I know how you feel.

So this is it huh...from ms. to Mrs. and from hot to not. I guess thats why “stay at home mom” isn’t on that list of career choices that you get from your high school guidance counselor. 
“You know Sally, staying at home with your children would be a great choice for you. Forget college, being a mommy is the way to go”. 
I don’t know, the thought of it is a lot better than the reality of it, as are most things in life. Yeah, don’t have to go to work, stay home, play with the kids...that sounds awesome. Can I give it a job description...Why yes....I think I could give it a go.
Stay at home mom: