Products I Can't Live Without

I Love this Vacuum. It took me FOREVER to finally do the research and commit to buying it but I use it almost every day! The commercials are all true! I do everything with this thing! I dust with it! I also like using it. To have a vacuum that actually works, well it more than works...its like the dirt mafia. I feel like a bad ass using it. I'm like, "Oh yeah dirt, try that again and watch what happens." Then I suck it up with my sword like attachment. It just snaps on and snaps off. Its like a holster and the tube just snaps on and snaps off. Its so easy. I do have one complaint. It doesn't have enough room for all of the attachments. So I have two of them that I have to store in the laundry room. Its kind of annoying when your on a vacuuming roll and then you have to stop right in the middle to get another attachment. I usually just have them with me now before I start. I've learned my lesson. It works sooooo good, I don't even care about the attachments. The two I usually need do fit on the vacuum so its really no big deal. Anyway, if your looking you've found it. The price is good. Also, if you have a bed bath and beyond, use the 20% off coupon. I think it came to like $130. Not positive so don't quote me. Of course I have to do my amazon part and I LOVE AMAZON. They are sooo nice. If I can, I usually buy what I can from them.  But, it is cheaper if you have access to a bed bath store. That 20% off is GOLD! They take expired coupons too! So good luck and Happy vacuuming!
Now this baby, well I do use this every day. It's so much easier than waiting for the huge oven to heat up when your kids are screaming that their hungry. You put in your food, set it for whatever your doing and it times it for you. When it's done, it turns off automatically so you don't overcook anything when you get caught up in whatever your kids are doing. I am notorious for missing the annoying beeping sound on my oven. I try to block out all annoying sounds, so that's probably why I don't hear it. It's a convection oven, meaning it cooks things faster and more evenly by circulating the air around the oven, or a regular oven if your not feeling that adventurous yet. It broils, warms, reheats, and has a bagel, pizza and cookie setting. It comes with two square baking pans and a round pizza pan. I use it mostly for toast and chicken nuggets. It's also super easy to make a quick chicken breast or two when I've been slacking all day on the household chores and forgot all about dinner. Or some yummy garlic bread, I'll post the recipe, so fast, so easy and soooo satisfying! I haven't used it to bake goodies in, but when I have some time, its on! I'll let you know how it goes! In any case, it saves me a lot of time and tantrums. I highly recommend it.

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