Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ranting about facebook for no good reason

Oh my sweet blog readers....if there are any of you still out has been a bit crazy over the past couple weeks. As soon as I started to write again, we got hit with hurricane Irene leaving us without power for 6 days. Yes, six days. I’m sure there were a lot of people that were left without homes, so I have to say it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but did leave me computer-less. It also seems that I am the one person left in the United States that does not have e-mail on their phone.

Damn you technology, I am always the last to get it. I don’t care, I get things when I feel I need them, not just cause it’s the thing to do. I have to tell ya though, lately, I NEED it! With all of these activities for the kids and cancellations, birthday parties, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, you see where I’m going with this, I seriously NEED to be plugged in.

I’m not into facebook and twitter, I do have a facebook account that I check and update randomly so I can let my few friends see how AWESOME my life is. I mean my life on facebook can be whatever I want it to be...cant it. So.... yes life is perfect and my family is perfect and I only post perfect pictures....your welcome.

Ah, but I know the truth. I get why people are addicted to facebook. You can appear to be whoever you want to be and have no one in your face to argue with you or call you out on your shit. You can just sit back and live your internet existence and never go out into the REAL world and experience anything. I’m sorry, but I would rather live with my imperfections and actually LIVE than be addicted to facebook.

 Seriously, they had a show about people addicted to facebook. WTF! They have a whole new disorder called F.A.D this a joke? I’m really not sure. Ok, if it’s on CNN it has to be real!
They have a facebook addiction disorder page ON FACEBOOK! Holy crap batman! I seriously don’t even know what to say. Well if you need help with your STUPID addiction.....Stop READING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES LIVES AND GO LIVE YOUR OWN....or....go to this site....I cant believe they even have one...


I know that its good for buisness and reconnecting with friends, but I just don’t know about the technical world today. I mean, people have relationships through text and e-mail. What is it, sexting? Wow, that would just not do it for me. What happened to human connection? I seriously hope that my children don’t get sucked into the “matrix” if you will. I guess they will have to at some level. I just want them to always connect on a face to face level with people, not with a machine.

Wow, I just did a little ranting and raving didn’t I. I apologize. Apparently I have some pent up issues that I’ll have to figure out when I have some free time. Until then, I hope to pleasure you with my’s not sexting! More like....bloggerplay. Yeah, don’t mind me...I would erase the last 2 sentences but I’m to tired and someone's gonna like it. Oh hey, guess where I'm going to post my blog....

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