Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coupons? Me? Who Knew!

So I have been couponing....kind of. I always use coupons and I might start trying to take it to the next level. Not quite extreme couponing, but I just found a deal for that magazine “all you” that always has a ton of coupons. It ends up costing only $19.00 for a 2 year subscription. That’s what I like to see! Here is the link in case any of you are interested. You buy a voucher for $15 that is worth $30. Then they send you an activation e-mail the next day. So you can order your magazine filled with delicious coupons. Not sure why I refer to everything as a food item.

I have been trying to find ways to get more coupons, like going to gas stations and asking for their leftover papers. Its kind of embarrassing though. I haven’t resorted to going through the trash....not going to happen. I think I will just have as many papers as I can delivered to our house and then maybe buy a few more papers Sunday morning.

Ha, who knew I would be all organized and stuff! So not me! Its a work in progress. I also just bought one of those BBB books... Busy Body Books. I have yet to fill it out. Its to big to fit in my purse so that's annoying. I like it though. Maybe I just need a bigger purse!  If you want a BBB I suggest buying it from amazon. If you need anything else from the site you can do the super saver shipping. I always order on amazon so it worked for me. I got my BBB for $11 something.

Woah, gotta know, its 10:30 and if I don't shower now, its NOT gonna happen. Hope all is well...I wish you all lots of love and happiness!

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