Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Green Monster

Its one of those mornings. I wake up at 8:30 and my daughter has to be to pre-school at 9. So the mad dash to get to school begins. I am dressed in half of what I slept in while I dig for anything for my kids to wear. Cutsie little outfits and pigtails are out and anything clean is what we’re working with. 
“Here kids, eat a muffin”, I say as I yank off their jammies and pull on their clothes. “Go potty, get shoes, we can do this!”
 We haul ass downstairs to the garage and pile in the car. Luckily I remember to open the garage this time and don’t back into the door.... again! I drive to the top of my driveway and feel off. I see that all of my neighbors have put out their recycling for tomorrow mornings pick-up and I still haven’t removed my garbage pail from the top of the driveway. Really?! Sometimes I am annoyed that my neighbors are so on top of things while I am rushing to get my kids to school on time. Yep, I’m that neighbor. Baseball cap, running shorts and a t-shirt, garbage still taunting everyone as they are forced to drive by my house, its the first one on our cul-de-sac. I wonder if they take bets on when I’m going to bring it back in. I would. 
Just one of those days, dreary and muggy, not my favorite combo. It is what it is. I’m up, made it to school on time and I’m going to get motivated and clean this house! Maybe I’ll wait on the garbage for now and let it sit and be the eye sore of the neighborhood. Ah, lone, ugly, oversized green garbage container... make mama proud! 

Hope your day is full of beauty!

Hope your day is full of beauty!

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